ABH Addiction & Behavioral Health Services, Inc. to Discontinue Operations

June 9, 2017
ABH Addiction & Behavioral Health Services, an Omaha-based small business that has provided services to at-risk adolescents and families for the past 17 years, has announced it will discontinue operations effective June 9, 2017.

“This is a heartbreaking time for the people at ABH who have worked so hard to serve the youth in our area,” said Angie Bellinghausen, ABH President and Clinical Director. “At a time when the need for both in and outpatient addiction services remains very high, we’ve had to make the difficult decision to close our doors based solely on financial challenges. The steady increase in regulation requirements by state, federal and insurance entities, along with a steady decrease in reimbursement rates, has made it impossible for our current business model to survive.”

“This is a big loss for our community, as many providers have already exited the business” added Bellinghausen. “Following the closing of Catholic Charities’ treatment facility and Journeys earlier this year, ABH became the only dual (addressing substance use and mental health), therapeutic group home for adolescents in Nebraska. We worked very hard to find an alternative to closing, bringing attention to the serious financial risk facing providers by contacting state representatives and the governor. Ultimately, without changes to the system, we had no other choice than to discontinue our operations.”

ABH had 46 employees and three locations in Omaha. At the time of closing, ABH was serving over 50 youth and had a waiting list for its programs. Current clients will be referred to other providers; however, many providers already have excessive wait times for services.

“We continue to hope that state officials will take action to address the financial issues that plague behavioral health providers so the youth, families and communities of Nebraska can get the assistance they need to thrive,” said Bellinghausen.

About ABH
ABH was founded in November of 2000 with a vision to provide holistic services to adolescents in Nebraska and to provide community-based services to at-risk adolescents and families as well as to decrease the number of youth being sent out of state for treatment. Over the years, ABH has served over 5000 adolescents.


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